Factory Supply Heat insulation type Fire Glass

 Factory Supply Heat insulation type Fire Glass

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Product Description

According to product type
Fire-resistant glass is a kind of to the integrity of the special glass in fire tests are required, by product category is divided into three categories:
Class A
At the same time to meet the fire integrity, fire-resistant insulation requirements of the fire-resistant glass. Including the compound type fireproof glass and fireproof glass two. This kind of glass with light, fire (heat radiation shielding smoke, fire,), sound insulation, shock resistance, suitable for building decoration steel wood fire doors, windows, bright, partition wall, roof, hanging wall, floor and other building components on both transparent and fireproof.
class B 
At the same time to meet the fire-resistant, thermal radiation intensity requirements of fire-resistant glass. The fireproof glass for composite fireproof glass with light, fire, smoke characteristics.
class C 
Only meet flameproof glass fire integrity requirements. This kind of glass with light, fire, smoke, high strength. Applicable to non fireproof glass insulation requirements of the partition wall, fire window, outdoor wall etc..
Divided by the structure
Fire resistant glass into the compound fireproof glass (perfusion type and combined type, heat insulation performance grouting fireproof glass, fireproof performance of composite fireproof glass.) With flameproof glass.
By the two or more layers of glass chips attached to one or more layers of water soluble inorganic sandwich fireproof glue compounded.
Fireproof principle: when the fire occurs, the fire soon burst surface meets the high temperature, the sandwich fireproof glue successive foaming expansion around ten times, to form a hard white bubble Formica, effectively blocking the flame, high temperature and harmful gas isolation. The finished product can be grinding, drilling, cutting ruler. ·
Suitable for exterior windows, curtain wall, the design scheme should consider the fireproof glass and laminated glass using a combination of PVB. Scope of application: fire doors and fire partition and an important part of fire building room, corridor, channel partition wall.
Monolithic fire-resistant glass is glass fire a single glass structure. Keep the fire integrity, blocking the attack surface fire fire and toxic, harmful gas in a certain period of time, but do not have the heat preservation and heat insulation effect.
Suitable for external wall, roof, exterior windows, hanging wall, fireproof glass frameless doors, and no insulation requirements of the partition wall. [2]
Consists of two layers of glass chips (special needs, also can use three layers of glass chips), around seal with special fireproof glue. Fireproof glue between perfusion after solidification, transparent jelly and glass bonded together.
Fireproof principle: meet the high temperature, fireproof layer between glass transparent jelly will rapidly induration, fireproof heat insulation board form an opaque. In preventing the spread of flame at the same time, but also prevent heat transmitting back fire surface. The fireproof glass not only has fireproof performance, and sound effects. Can be processed into arc.
Suitable for fire doors and windows, building atrium, atrium, sharing space, computer room fire partition wall.
Important note: exposure of glass around the black seal frame, suitable for peripheral strip mosaic installation. For free from Zhengyang and west facing windows, prior consultation manufacturer, for suggestions.
Matters needing attention
Fire resistant glass as a new building fire protection products have been used in more and more buildings, but the design test of this kind of product is still no specific norms and standards. The author thinks that in the design should pay attention to three aspects as follows:
1 fire glass curtain wall and the partition is used to design is not simply the non refractory performance using the curtain wall or partition material with refractory material can be, more than ordinary glass into fire-resistant glass is Everything will be fine., but use it as a fire protection system to fully consider.
Fire resistance rating of 2 fireproof glass curtain wall and partition can achieve, need to consider the fire resistance rating to each factor of the whole system, subjective speculation may make mistakes, when necessary, do a test to determine the.
3 design and selection of fire-resistant glass, should pay attention to relation grade size and refractory properties of glass plate.

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